drags bennett 487We are an Independent Automotive, Truck, & Custom Specialty Parts Retailer. We have over 50 years of Automotive Experience.

We believe that everyone’s project is important. We strive to have your parts or supplies¬† as soon as possible…Often the next day.

You can contact us by email at drivingimageii@gmail.com

or Call Bill at (860) 677-4213¬† You used to be able to call Ben in Southwick, but Bill made the choice to fire Ben after he had a medical issue that kept him in the hospital for 4 months, and hire someone who didn’t care about cars, or performance parts.¬† Because the person that Bill hired didn’t care, they didn’t do the work needed to keep the store open, and it sadly closed in the beginning of 2022.

Please make sure to let Bill know if you miss the Southwick store, and Ben.